Want More Gigs? Show Trading and Why You Should be Doing It!

Want More Gigs? Show Trading and Why You Should be Doing It!

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Want More Gigs? Show Trading and Why You Should be Doing It! 1

Show Trading or gig swapping with artists in different cities opens up a world of benefits and advantages that can make huge differences when booking your gigs and tours- and this goes WAY beyond just having solid gigs booked. Show trading is when you trade a show with an artist from a different city. You let an out-of-town artist come open your gig, and in return, they let you come open theirs. Now you both get a solid show, with equal treatment in a new city or area.

Let’s dive right in…

Stop being ignored…
Show trading is a great way to sidestep the non-responsive venues that usually ignore you because you have never played that city or venue before. Working directly with artists who already have a relationship with the venue or agent allows you to slide in on their gig, get your foot in the door, and prove yourself. This approach helps minimize cold-calling venues and booking agents and never hearing back.

Build better lineups…
With show trading, you can determine the bands you play with and ensure you’re gigging in quality rooms with good-fit bands. We all know the feeling of landing a gig and then finding out you’re booked with bands with clashing styles. It’s not just about music, either. You can choose bands who match you in terms of commitment and ambition, too.

Better pay and hospitality…
With show trading and the “we’ll book you here if you book us there” philosophy, artists take better care of each other on the show trades because they would like the same treatment in return. This raises camaraderie and accountability and the overall quality of the experience!

Maximize your associations…
When you show trade with artists who are serious about what they are doing, you can build quality connections in each new market you play, which is very valuable for expanding your professional credibility and contacts. When you have quality, direct connections, you can fast-track your growth as well as maximize the opportunity to make the most of your “OFF” Days on tour.

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