Sage Hatfield Unveils "Velvet in Auburn" Featuring Gia Calabrese, Teases Upcoming Album

Sage Hatfield Unveils “Velvet in Auburn” Featuring Gia Calabrese, Teases Upcoming Album

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Sage Hatfield Unveils "Velvet in Auburn" Featuring Gia
Calabrese, Teases Upcoming Album

In an exciting announcement for folk-pop enthusiasts, Sage Hatfield, the esteemed multi-instrumentalist known for his poignant and ingeniously crafted songs, released the music video for his latest single, “Velvet in Auburn,” featuring the talented Gia Calabrese, this Friday, April 12th. This single previews his full-length album, Postcards From New England, scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 16th.

Originating from quaint Vermont, Hatfield has been a figure of growing interest in the vibrant Pacific Northwest music scene. The former farmer has seamlessly transitioned into a respected songwriter and producer, crafting music that resonates deeply with listeners, described as a blend of emotionally stirring, thought-provoking, and humorously sardonic.

“Velvet in Auburn” was born in the vibrant hues of autumn 2022, encapsulating the essence of new love, the vulnerabilities it brings, and the longing for reciprocated feelings. “I wrote this song in late October/early November, but it feels like it was just yesterday,” Sage reflected. The collaboration with Gia Calabrese, renowned for her captivating vocals, brings a complementary depth to the single. “Gia has a knack for elevating my tunes with her lovely voice,” Sage added.

Folk Music News recently praised Sage’s unique ability to connect with his audience, stating, “Sage’s touching music feels like new beginnings, an invitation to pause, listen, and consider the dualities that make us all uniquely human.” This connection is set to deepen with the release of Postcards From New England, an album Sage describes as a “sonic scrapbook.”

The album promises to be a deeply personal project for Sage, offering listeners a collection of vignettes that capture pivotal moments of his life in an intimate and universal manner. As the music world enjoys the video release of “Velvet in Auburn” and eagerly awaits Postcards From New England, Sage Hatfield continues to stand out as a compelling storyteller in the folk-pop genre.

His releases are anticipated not only for their musicality but for their ability to invite listeners into a world of introspection, humor, and emotional depth.

For more information and to stay updated on Sage Hatfield’s music, visit his Linktree.

“Velvet in Auburn” Music Video: Friday, April 12th, and the Album Release Date for Postcards From New England: Tuesday, April 16th

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