LITTLE BRAIN's 'Together We Rise': An Anthem for Inclusivity and Strength

LITTLE BRAIN’s ‘Together We Rise’: A Soaring Anthem for Inclusivity and Strength

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LITTLE BRAIN's 'Together We Rise': An Anthem for
Inclusivity and Strength

December 1st marks the release of LITTLE BRAIN’s music video for his latest single, “Together We Rise.” Renowned for his genre-blending sound, LITTLE BRAIN combines gritty Alt-pop sensibilities, thought-provoking lyricism, and modern electronic music production, and the end results continue to prove sonically remarkable.

Beyond his innovatory style, LITTLE BRAIN is deeply committed to social justice, using his art as a vehicle for change. His dedication goes beyond mere words; he actively engages in causes that fight for equality and rights for marginalized communities. Through his lyrics and public presence, LITTLE BRAIN becomes a voice for the voiceless, addressing inequity and discrimination issues with sensitivity and boldness.

His work is a beacon of hope and solidarity, inspiring his audience to reflect on societal issues and take action. LITTLE BRAIN’s activism is woven into the fabric of his music, making him not just an artist but a catalyst for social change.

LITTLE BRAIN explains, “Together We Rise is about breaking free from isolation by uniting with those facing similar struggles. It’s a recognition of our shared experiences of marginalization, whether due to sexual or cultural identity, indigeneity, skin color, gender, physical ability, neurodivergence, religion, or political views. This song celebrates our resilience and strength, amplified by our differences, where being true to oneself doesn’t compromise basic needs.”

Join LITTLE BRAIN in this empowering journey as “Together We Rise” proves to be more than a song – it’s the
soundtrack to the movement. Learn more HERE

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