Level Up with Cultt of She: 'Life on Hard Mode' Inspires Strength

Level Up with Cultt of She: ‘Life on Hard Mode’ Inspires Strength

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The dynamic New Jersey hard rock ensemble Cultt of She is thrilled to announce their latest video release for the single “Life on Hard Mode.” Scheduled for release on Wednesday, February 21st, the track promises hard-hitting commentary on contemporary challenges.

Cultt of She, led by the charismatic Jess Bariletti, has carved a niche with its blend of catchy hard rock anthems characterized by big grooves and memorable choruses that resonate deeply with their audience. “Life on Hard Mode,” the band’s latest offering, delves into the complexities of modern life, drawing parallels to the problematic settings of video games. Drummer Joe Gregory explains, “As a band of gamers at heart, we often find ourselves relating life’s ups and downs to levels in a video game. ‘Life on Hard Mode’ reflects our journey in tackling the challenges that today’s younger generation encounters – social, financial, mental, or beyond. If life were a video game, it’d feel like we’re stuck playing it on the toughest setting – just like ‘Hard Mode.'”

Cultt of She is renowned for its high-energy live performances and a relentless work ethic that has consistently produced memorable tracks well-received by the press and fans alike. This latest single continues that trend, establishing the band’s reputation as relatable, hard-hitting rock music purveyors. The video for “Life on Hard Mode” promises not just auditory delight but a digital visual feast that complements the thematic elements of the song, embodying the struggles and triumphs of navigating life’s challenges.

Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to a compelling experience that captures what it means to live on “Hard Mode.” Don’t miss the premiere of “Life on Hard Mode” and the chance to dive deep into the heart of Cultt of She’s musical journey.

For more information on Cultt of She and their upcoming plans, follow them on social media and streaming platforms > @culttofshe

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