Keith Buckley Returns To The Stage With Many Eyes


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Keith Buckley Returns To The Stage With Many Eyes 2

Keith Buckley is back with a punishing new band dubbed Many Eyes featuring brothers Charlie [guitar] and Nick Bellmore [drums, bass, backing vocals]. The music swings from fits of venomous hardcore into disarmingly catchy choruses spiked with grunge melodies.

In 2021, after fronting Every Time I Die for over two decades, Keith reached an impasse and needed a change. Focusing on his mental health, he chose sobriety, spent a month in a recovery facility “to learn how to live soberly,” and reorganized his priorities as a father and husband.

A long and winding road brought Buckley to Many Eyes. The Buffalo native has fronted metalcore stalwarts Every Time I Die as well as The Damned Things (featuring Scott Ian of Anthrax and Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy), and lent his instantly recognizable vocals to everyone from knocked loose to Seeyouspacecowboy and say anything, played countless shows, and even penned two books.

Unpredictable and undeniable in equal measure, Many Eyes come to life in a series of independent singles. “This is an expression of who I am,” Buckley proclaims. “I’m letting the music do the talking. I really trusted my collaborators. I’m not interested in being known as a frontman. I just want to be another part of the band who uses his own instrument to complete the picture. That’s what I’m doing with many eyes.”

The first single, “Revelation” introduces Many Eyes. From the jump, a guttural riff underlines Buckley’s vitriolic screams. Melody only enhances the drama in the catchy chorus. “I was super excited to fully incorporate huge hooks into devastating mosh riffs,” he grins. “it’s something I’d always wanted to do. For me, it’s a complete release to express anger through big sweeping choruses.”

“From all of these experiences, I’ve become wiser,” he leaves off. “I’m the same person, but I have a better understanding of my own purpose now. I want to use these experiences to help people get out of situations where they feel helpless. I’m trying to show that hope and recovery are possible.”

Catch Many Eyes on tour in early 2023, supporting Thursday’s 21-anniversary tour of War All The Time.

Check out their social pages here

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