From Touring with Icons to Solo Spotlight: Darius Christian Drops 'Good Kind Of Lonely

“From Touring with Icons to Solo Spotlight: Darius Christian Drops ‘Good Kind Of Lonely'”

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"From Touring with Icons to Solo Spotlight: Darius
Christian Drops 'Good Kind Of Lonely'"

Darius Christian, the Los Angeles-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist known for his profound musicality and dynamic vocal prowess, is set to release his latest single, “Good Kind Of Lonely,” on Friday, February 23. This single is an exciting peek into his much-anticipated album of the same name, expected to debut this spring. The album features collaborations with renowned artists such as Eric Nally and Ray Mason; Darius Christian continues to push the boundaries of genre, blending Power Pop, Soul, Funk, and R&B into a sophisticated mix that showcases his unique songwriting abilities and musicianship.

His work on “Good Kind Of Lonely,” alongside notable musicians Charles Goold and Spencer Zahn, presents a love letter to oneself, encapsulating themes of self-reflection, gratitude, and the joys found in solitude.

Darius has cemented himself as a musical powerhouse with a career highlighted by collaborations and tours with industry giants like Macklemore, Miley Cyrus, and Gwen Stefani. His latest single further solidifies this reputation, offering listeners a glimpse into the depth of his artistry and the forthcoming album’s thematic essence.

Discussing the new track, Darius shares, “It has this very deliberately simple groove. It makes you want to roll down the windows and hit the highway into the sunset, thinking about your life, what you are grateful for, and the blessings all around you.” This sentiment captures the essence of “Good Kind Of Lonely” – a song that encourages introspection and celebrates the beauty of being alone with one’s thoughts.

The release of “Good Kind Of Lonely” is not just unveiling a new single; it’s the introduction to a project that promises to be a significant milestone in Darius Christian’s longstanding career. With its accompanying video, listeners and viewers are drawn into the world Darius has crafted – one that speaks to the soul and moves the body.

“Good Kind Of Lonely” will be available across all major streaming platforms on February 23. This release marks the beginning of a new chapter for Darius Christian, leading up to the launch of his album, which is poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates on Darius Christian’s music and the upcoming album release by following him on social media.

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