Colorado’s Beloved DIY Venue CR23 Bombshelter Needs Our Help

Colorado’s Beloved DIY Venue CR23 Bombshelter Needs Our Help

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Pueblo, Colorados’ vibrant DIY beacon of creativity, camaraderie, and live gigs – the CR23 Bombshelter needs our help. This all-ages, house show-style music venue has been a central hub for musicians and artists, drawing local & touring bands from across Colorado and the nation. It’s a place where live music resonates not just through the walls but in the hearts of a passionate community. But now, the beloved Bombshelter faces a critical challenge, and Get-Gigs is spreading the word.

Managed by Cody Rheuff and his family, the Bombshelter has been a thriving spot for Southern Colorado’s underground live music scene for years. It’s more than just a venue; it’s been a sanctuary for togetherness and the home of some of the best live gigs and gatherings.

However, the Bombshelter now stands at a crossroads. Enhanced soundproofing has become paramount, posing a significant financial hurdle. Cody, who has selflessly funded the venue’s operations and improvements thus far, now finds the cost of necessary soundproofing beyond reach. This isn’t just about noise control; it’s about survival. Without these upgrades, the Bombshelter risks being silenced forever.

This situation has sparked a community-driven initiative – a fundraiser to aid Cody and his family in their endeavor to preserve this cultural cornerstone. The funds raised will be dedicated to improving the venue’s soundproofing, ensuring that the Bombshelter can continue to host touring & local bands without the threat of closure.

The importance of the Bombshelter to its patrons & the live music scene cannot be overstated. In supporting the Bombshelter, we are not just saving a live music venue but preserving a legacy, a haven for artists, and a cherished gathering spot.

It’s a rallying call for all who play live, tour, or have found a home within its walls to come forward and ensure that the music and the spirit of the Bombshelter live on. Share this info & donate if you can; everything helps. Here is the link to the > GOFUNDME

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